Stock Levels

We are very proud to say that all of our baby shoes are handmade here in the UK by a team
of skilled craftsm
en and women, using high quality materials to give you the best product on
the market.

All of our styles are unique and very individual. We only make a limited number in each style making them very desirable.

As our shoes are always in high demand, there can be the odd occasion where we may temporarily find ourselves out of stock of certain colour/size/material combinations. While we would love to ensure permanent availability of all our items, (and do try our best!) we can on occasion find ourselves out of stock when demand is high, especially for our more popular designs.
If we ARE out of stock of an item from your order, we will make you aware of this as quickly as possible. We will give the option of another size/style or a full refund.

We are constantly designing new styles and look forward to sharing these with you!

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Baby Pure